Air Asia QZ8501 Memorial Park


Team Leader : Jimmy L. Adisastra
Team : Oen Christian William, Khong Delbert

On 28 Dec 2014, world mourned the Air Asia QZ8501 aircraft incident, fly from Surabaya to Singapore. The number of this loss as 115 persons including 7 Air Asia’s crews. As a Surabaya citizen, who connected with the victims, we want to create a memorial area for the deceased victims families through this design.

This project acts a public space in memorial of the AirAsia AZ8501 incident, in regards to the victims. As a memorial, this project offers not only a memorial medium to those who were in the events of QZ8501, but also an experience, therefore creating a spatial sympathy for the visitors.The design proposal intends to  offer visitors a dark and frighening experience in the form of dark and tight space created from pedestals hanging on the ceiling and on placed on the ground. The pedestal serves the purpose of representing each and every one of the victim.