Bricks of Hopes, is not only an urban contemporary installation for achieving visual experience but also an inhabitable installation with experience sense of touch and aesthetically well-pleasing to explored.
Dozens of Duplo Lego brick volume was inserted into the existing alley of Wallnut’s St. (site 3) to provide a sense of lightness, contrast and focus against the local context of the disregarded as solely service corridors, dumpsters spots, mechanical units, and the traditional brick.
The fundamental element of the space –conceptual and structural – is the module. Each Lego bricks module is spread along the alley and gives the pattern of wavy module. The monotony of archetypal (brick) modules connected to one another requiring no other structure,  as of the ability of community participation from all age groups and volunteer. Unexpected spatial depth allows for visual connections to revealing silhouettes of Lego bricks by a permeable dividers for each activity space. Interaction between the visitor and the installation is crucial part, besides enjoy the event there, when the period of this installation end, all the bricks will donated to many orphanage houses in the city.
The goal is to show citizens can meet and realize the power they have to change things going better from small to biggest things in the future, even from single tiny piece brick size 6.4 cm x 3.2 cm.


Why LEGO ?
1. Safe and cheap material
2. Light material
3. Ability to reconstruct into any different module in the         future (multi use)
4. Unique (increasing curiosity)
5. Collective