Fred Perry Pop-up Retail


This Fred Perry “The Stader” Shoesware Store location is in Nanjing Road, Shanghai, China. The history of Fred Perry company told, the first time idea to run this company to produced a sport suits, which make the user comfortable in sweating condition all day long.
The main idea is to make a unique store with playful activity. We inspired by a “Snakes & Ladders” board games, which show the player capable to climb up using ladder or slide down because of snake. So, the buyer can try the product (shoes) using the stairs & after they satisfied, they also can slide down. By the presence of ladders & slider, buyer can do a test using Fred Perry shoes, about how comfortable those products.

The pedestrian in Nanjing Road also allowed to try & enjoy it. This personal experience makes this store not just become an object in the middle of public area, but it can be a part of public facility (bench). The store areas 6m x 3m. To run data archive in this store , we propose to use tablet PC which mounted on the wall of the store. The shoes storage placed under the stairs & slider area. When store open, it has 2 doors in the right and left side to hanged up the shoes collection. At night, when the store is close, those 2 doors will be set up to close & lock this store.