INFINITI Curved Vision Installation


Infiniti have visions not just to develope ordinary car, but offering a flexibility, luxury, smart, and always make any invention to create a better vehicle. Thus, infiniti contributes to make a better human lifes.

Inspired by infiniti which make a better human life likes animals and vegetation which support human races. we defining those vision by creating interactive experiences through inviting any visitor to take a part, make any directly interaction and feel every curving part of the car. Sculpture (h= 3 m, l= 5.5 m, w= 3 m) this installation providing a white smoothing curve (made by glass reinforced plastic). the exsistence of the sculpture make a different space and vibrant atmosphere in exibith area. It shows continuously from the long left body, revolve, and comes to the car and sometimes reverse. when the exibith is over, the sculpture can be display as an interior/exterior aesthetic.

The show practically, the show divide into 2 sections, real time show, stand by show.
1. real time show (20% interactive, 80% passive) start from dark projector, a curve line come through a long tail sculpture, revolve and come inside the car. while the first curve come, kinect device track applause the nearest persons. faster and lots of applause makes another curve coming until to make a shilloute of the car. the next stage is showing a many pointing spot with many words “point” this coming, kinect track it and the show begin followed by engine sound. it shows a first step the car built from 3d framework, metal material , welding sparks, many numerous calculation, oil, material waste such as, bolt, oil spill, etc, and many glitch projection and shiny reflection following the curving body. abstract curve coming with many different colors and the last abstract curve color is same as the actual car paint. the final stage showing the actual car with a bright lighting and the curve line stop coming. in the end of the shows, the many curving lines running back through car to sculpture until the light fade away and the show all black.

2. stand by show (80% interactive, 20% passive) after the first show, the projector shows many interactive scenes. there are : – dandelion fields, visitors can play to flick (kinect read the movement – motion sensor) dandelions and make them fly outside the field. after all dandelions fly away the scene change to – shame plant, they can play by touching the “plant” and it will react by hiding it leaves – groups of sardine fish, the scene change to under water and group of sardine fish appear, we can play by touching and following the curve body, it react differently likes the actual condition and makes any curve movement – purple curves, visitor can make random curve to “paint” the car goal creates many different experiences to feel every curve of the car, not just from visual, but by physical, emotion, and physcology.