“Humanity cannot fight nature. Natural disaster also part of life”.


In order to survive the natural disaster, people created Tsunami Evacuation Building (TEB) as part of their neighbour. This conventional TEB merely offers the robust structural building as an evacuation shelter when tsunami comes. With the great amount and densely of buildings, infrastructures, vegetation, and topography, also will dissimulate this important TEB appearances. How can something having so important function but unfamiliar, no activity, and has never been seen there before, fit into this environment ?

Situated in a seismically active zone, our view on this issue is focused on the development of the TEB concept of a prevailing type of alternative survivor system notably in Japan. The key issue of the design is to maximalize the potential not only as an evacuation building but turn into attractive and complex liveable space (Rooftop Yoga, show, meeting point, etc). The shelter coverage about 530 peoples in three different level on the 345 sqm site. Entire building itself is performative and accessible by stairway leading from the open plaza to the building roof surrounded by shady greenery as public’s “play ground” and brings out a new level energetic urban lifestyle.