The Traces


As the capital by passed so many visitor around, they left traces throughtout their journey from diverse transportation mode. Some traces left memories, some traces blended with other trace, some traces repeats it selves or maybe dissapears.

We propose for the new Indianapolis RED LINE BRT by adopting the well known trademark Indianapolis as “Crossroads of America” with distinguished Robert Indiana’s 1st Love sculpture essentially.

The main idea is redefining “the traces” with its ambiguity characteristic, sometimes with the bold linear appearances or the vague looks. We propose to use 3 different size (width 1/3” , 3/5” , 4/5”) Corten Steel material (multi hue color) to define those ambiguity characteristic. It also reflect Robert’s 1st LOVE scuplture material as one of the succesful yet memorable work at Indianapolis as well as our hope for this succefull and Love for Red Line BRT.

The main structure is simple rigid cube structure by “H” shape steel frame. Disordered Corten Steel as facade of the station also create a dramatic shilloute pass trough  inside of the station.